Trio Programs aim to help students navigate college

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — For many first generation college students, it can be difficult to learn the ins and outs of college life.

That’s why Student TROY’s Support Services is ready to help get those students started.

“We offer a lot of student support so whether it’s like financial support, we offer extra grant money that students don’t have to pay back as long as they qualify,” said Project Advisor Chasity Tillis. “We offer workshops that teach them financial literacy, study habits. We also help with academics so if you need tutoring you can come by and see us. We can set up tutoring services for you.”

“What we try to do is be a one-stop shop,” explained Director of Student Support Services Shantel Barginere. “We have free printing, we have book loans. We can buy general studies books to help them along the way.”

Students come from all over the country. Student Support Services wants to be your home away from home.

“Try to be a family atmosphere here,” Barginere told TrojanVision. “We don’t want the student to come or leave feeling like they’re not fulfilled. We try to provide all of the necessary things that a home would provide.”

“It can be a scary thing not knowing what to expect in college, where to even start,” Tillis said. “If you don’t have anybody to kind of navigate that for you it can become overwhelming.”

Along with campus help, Trio gives the opportunity to experience trips in an educational environment.

“We also do cultural enrichment trips where we take the students, freshman all the way to senior, up to graduate school tours,” Barginere said. “We just came back from Washington DC about two weeks ago.”

“We got to see all the different monuments in Washington,” said Project Advisor Deonte Jackson. “We went to the White House, the capitol, the Washington Monument. We went to a couple museums.”

Student Support Services invites everyone to visit them get involved.