Sound of the South welcomes new members during Medallion Ceremony

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Sound of the South officially welcomed this year’s new members into its ranks.

Freshman students received their official medallion for Sound of the South, which is an annual ceremony held in Smith Hall. During the ceremony, parents and friends watched as new members received their medallion.

“It is super exciting,” said freshman Vorah Patterson. “Just in the past few weeks I’ve been here I’ve already grown to love the people as a family. I’ve already fell in love with my section, with all of this band. The music we play, I fell in love with how we do things. It feels like a whole different culture and I’m very excited for this upcoming season.”

During the ceremony new members shared their full name and hometown before taking a photo with Dr. Kerry Palmer and SOTS Band Director Mark Walker.

“It’s the largest student organization on campus and so in addition to the musical benefits, it gives the students a social outlet with a large number of people,” Walker said. “We have students from almost every major and certainly every college and department in the band.”

The medallions serve as a design for part of their uniforms throughout their time in the band program. They also serve as a reminder of the lasting friendships that are often made while in the band program.

“Just a great place for the students to meet each other, to participate in an organization with goals that are larger than themselves, to support the university, to make music and to make lifelong memories,” Walker explained.

Members who march with the SOTS throughout their entire collegiate career are given a medallion to keep during their final year with the band.