The Rubicon looks for new members ahead of Fall edition

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University’s literary journal, The Rubicon, is preparing for its next edition and looking for new members.

Thursday night, Troy University students came together to discuss this semester’s edition. The Rubicon is Troy University’s literary journal that publishes short stories.

“Written work, poetry, even opinion pieces and essays,” said Editor-in-Chief Taye Bass. “We also publish photography and music.”

The Rubicon gives students who are interested in photography, art and writing the opportunity to get their work published.

“I changed my major to English from ELA and now I’m going into the publishing industry, might as well get involved in publishing,” said student Alivia Radovich.

The Rubicon publishes a book each year that features students’ poetry, photography, and other forms of artwork.

“I’ve been writing short stories for a really long time,” explained student Ricardo Valencia. “I would like to get a medium for me to express the short stories. Also editing; it’s a new passion of mine that I really want to tap into.”

“I obviously want to learn how to edit and learn how to organize the stories in a good flowy way,” Radovich said.

The Rubicon plans on meeting each Thursday to discuss future projects.