Accounting students meet potential employers at Accountancy Day

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Accounting students had the chance to meet with accounting professors and future employers at Troy’s Accountancy Day.

“Right now we have about 36 different recruiters here on campus that range from public accounting firms to state agencies to corporations,” said Josh McGowan, Associate Director of Accounting. “They are strictly here to recruit our students, get to know our students, and then later today we’ll do a luncheon. We will recognize over forty-thousand dollars in scholarships for our students.”

Tables were set up for students to network with professionals in the field. Organizers hope the event opened the door for future internships and jobs.

“Our firm specifically, we pretty much hire exclusively from our intern program,” said CPA Ryan Campbell. “We had a stat a couple of months back that said about sixty percent of our current employee base were hired through our intern program, so it’s just a great way for the students to meet those companies that are going to hire them and go into the internship program and hopefully lead into a job into the future as soon as the internship is up.”

“This event is so important for students. I’m a senior now and I’ve been coming since the spring of my freshman year,” explained accounting student Brooke Bailey. “I’ve met so many great people and made so many great connections. This is a great way to send out resumes, get to know people, and make connections. I got an internship in the spring and this is really important for future accountants. It gets them their future job and it gets them their CPA.”

This event was an opportunity for students to connect with future employers and enhance their hire-ability.

“This is where the hires get made,” McGowan told TrojanVision. “This is where you’re meeting the people who are making the hiring decisions and just getting to know them and understanding what their company is like, whether it’s someplace you can see yourself at. When you come in here, get to know them, get to shake their hands, give your resume out, they are going to get in contact with you and, hopefully, offer you a full-time job.”

“It’s a really good way to get to know them early, get to find out what they are about, what they like, and it’s just a really good experience to be able to talk to business professionals and other folks that they are, hopefully, going to get a job with in the future,” Campbell said.

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