Troy University to expand its doctoral programs following groundbreaking vote

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University has been approved to its expand its offering of doctoral programs.

In a groundbreaking development, the Alabama Commission of Higher Education approved TROY’s request to offer more programs. Troy University applied for the change in instructional role in June and now aims to broaden the scope of its doctoral programs.

“It was historic,” said Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. “It was a milestone for the University as we are excited about it. We intend to make the world a better place by virtue of what has just occurred.”

Until now, TROY has been limited to offering three doctoral-level programs. Current programs include a doctorate degree of Nursing Practice, Ph.D. in Sport Management, and a Ph.D. in Global Leadership.

It’s not about institutional ego but service to our community. It’s a service to our students.

Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr.

“In the immediate future we plan to initiate the development of a Ph.D. in Criminology and then we will add a Doctorate in Business Administration,” Hawkins explained.

TROY leaders say the University’s new instructional role is expected to not only benefit the state of Alabama but also provide a brighter future for the Wiregrass region. Officials hope the change presents more educational opportunities for potential students and results in a highly-skilled workforce for employers.

“This is, to my knowledge, this is the first former teachers’ college in the state to be granted doctoral status and that opens the doors for others to pursue that as well,” said Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Dr. Kerry Palmer. “I think there’s excitement not only here at TROY but there’s excitement across the state.”

With the addition of more doctoral programs, TROY is one stop closer to its goal of being formally recognized as a research institution.