IDEA Bank’s Vault Podcast opens new studio

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University’s IDEA Bank, known for its role as a collaborative hub of creativity and innovation, is taking its mission to a whole new level with its new IDEA Vault Podcast Studio.

“The podcast studio is a perfect way to repurpose the vaults,” said TROY IDEA Bank Director Lynne George. “You have some privacy, soundproof, and a cool atmosphere that will allow people to come be creative and practice growing their business.”

Podcasting is a powerful medium that the IDEA Bank looks to use in order to amplify the voices of future innovators in the community. Podcasters plan to feature a diverse range of guests that can share their innovative spirit, experiences and ideas.

“I hope they just look at it as a stimulating media that they can come to and get ideas from and say, ‘I want to learn more about that guy that they interviewed’ or ‘I want to learn more about that festival that they’re talking about’ and basically come to learn a little bit more about a medium or an idea or a business,” said Design Professor Chirs Stagl.

The IDEA Bank says the podcast studio is worth considering for anyone with an appreciation for creativity and innovation.

The Vault Podcast Studio is now open for reservations. Visit its website to book your reservation. Click here to listen to the latest episode of the Idea Vault Podcast.

The IDEA Bank is located at 63 S. Court Square, Troy, AL 36081.