Yoga on the Quad provides safe place for women to make new friends

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Nu Theta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta hosted Yoga on the Quad for women on campus to relieve stress and enjoy the company of other women.

“I believe that yoga is a good way to stretch and when we working out, we releasing endorphins, which is the happy hormone,” said Physical and Mental Health Chair Kennedi Crosby. “We came and we talked about some stuff that happened throughout the week.”

“I decided to come to this event because it’s been a stressful week and just got to go and release it,” senior Kelsey Booker explained. “It was a good way to make more friends.”

“Yoga is a good way to relieve from stress,” said senior Bre’asia Caffie. “It’s been a stressful week with classes and everything and I feel it’s good for mental health.”

According to Crosby, the event also offered a safe space for women to share personal details with others.

“It’s really healthy for us to be able to have a safe space to come and be able to talk about personal things or just girl talk in general. Just to be able to have a community of people that you can talk to is very important. Because we in college, some people may be struggling. You never know what everybody’s going through so I think it’s really important to open up a safe space for people to come and be able to make friends.”

Booker told TrojanVision the event was also a way to try new things.

“I had the opportunity to do something new. I don’t normally do yoga but I met new friends and that was really nice.”