Football fashion draws big crowds, revenue in downtown Troy

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — It’s football season in Troy and, as every southerner knows, it’s tradition in the South to dress to the nines for the games. 

If you look around downtown Troy, you’ll see plenty of Power T’s and boutiques selling game day apparel, but how does this affect local businesses? Do sales increase during football season?

“From the very first football game to the most recent one, the influx of fans because we’re new, so people are slowly figuring that we’re here, and the absolute just coming in and out the door all the time, and the amount of fans that are coming in, it’s just been unreal for us,” said Trojan Threads owner David Michael Smith.

Brianna Pham from Glow in downtown Troy says while sales increase during football season, their main day for sales is game-day itself.

“We’re definitely busy on game days, even afterwards, because sometimes it’s like, sorority events, and then they bring their moms to come shop, and so our sales are off the roof,” she said.

So, what are people looking for to complete their perfect game day outfits?

“Definitely our pins. We’ve had to restock our pins numerous times,” Pham said.

“It’s your basic power T, it’s your Troy scripts, it’s your football stuff,” said Smith.

Local business owners encourage shoppers to consider supporting locally-owned businesses in addition to their shopping at larger retail stores.