Students show out during Homecoming Skit Night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Musicals, toys, chefs, Sandlot, and even turtles were all part of this year’s Homecoming Skit Night.

“We gave each organization a TV show or a movie that began with the letter ‘T’ to represent the T is for Troy homecoming theme,” said Homecoming Committee member Abigail Grantham. “They’re all out here doing their performances after having practiced in for weeks.”

The homecoming committee says each of the teams were encouraged to use specific guidelines that were given to them and to use their creativity throughout each of the different skits.

“They do have specific roles as to what they can and can’t do in the skit, but other than that, they have full creativity in these as long as they stay within the guidelines of whatever movie or TV show that they were given,” Grantham said.

Each of the teams were also given instructions to follow certain criteria, aspects, and themes.

“They were being judged on Trojan Pride, their creativity and just having fun,” said judge Nicklaus Chrysson.

Committee members hope students show their school spirit as well their excitement for the homecoming game on Saturday.

“My hopes for this event today are that students gain a sense of Trojan Pride and get super excited about defeating Arkansas State,” said homecoming committee member Betsy Bennett.