Does a growing food scene mean bad news for locally-owned businesses?

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As Troy continues to grow, it can become tempting to rely solely on big box stores and fast food chains, but downtown business owners say it’s important to shop local.

Drive down Highway 231 and you’ll see fast food chains offering a variety of foods. Although it may be tempting to pull into a drive-thru, just down the road are local eateries owned by your very own neighbors who are eager for customers.

Whether you’re a Troy local or driving through town, you might have noticed recent developments along Highway 231. Although some may have feared that increased fast food options would negatively impact local businesses, downtown eateries say it has had little to no impact on business.

“For the first few months when some of the businesses open, I can see it gets slower in here but then after people have gotten used to it being there, they come back,” said Village Coffee barista Autumn Owens. I feel like the community is really good about supporting locally so we do pretty good here.”

Although fast food restaurants offer quick and easy options for consumers, local restaurants say they provide an experience you can’t get from a drive-thru.

“You don’t really just pay for the food, you’re paying for the service, the conversation,” explained B. Graves server/bartender Alex Moore. “You have the environment. I think we’re really some of the only people that can provide that not just in Troy but in Pike County in general.”

The next time you need a quick coffee or a delicious dinner, Troy restaurant owners say consider shopping and eating local.