Gray Television visits, recruits TROY journalism students

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Some TROY journalism students may be one step closer to securing post-graduation work thanks to Gray Day.

Recently, representatives and news directors from Gray Television visited the Hall School of Journalism and Communication (HSJC) to recruit students and help them prepare for a career in the journalism industry.

“We’re pretty passionate about hiring the best and brightest,” said Vice President of Recruiting, and TROY alum, Jennifer Dale. “I feel like TROY is a great place to do that.”

Throughout the day, students attended workshop sessions, a Lunch and Learn session, and had their resume reels reviewed.

“They were emphasizing a lot of the things that we’ve already learned in our classes, and have been drilled into our heads the past couple years, doing the broadcast program here at Troy,” broadcast journalism major Elyse Quinn said.

What does Gray Television hope students take away from these sessions?

“I hope more than anything else they take away the importance of journalism,” said Dale.

“We hold the powerful accountable, every day we have the opportunity to change the world as a journalist.”

Jennifer Dale

“I hope that that mission doesn’t get lost in a lot of the noises out in the world today,” Dale said.

As for what Dale says students should aim to do:

“Get it right, get it fast, get it on the air.”

The next time you turn on your TV, you just might see an old classmate who has become a brand new Gray employee.

If you would like to apply for internships or jobs with Gray Television, you can submit your information to the Gray talent pool.