How a middle school Spanish course changed a TROY professor’s life

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Associate Spanish Professor Dr. Kelly Suero’s Spanish journey began in the sixth grade when she took her very first Spanish class.

“When I was in middle school we had a few options as electives,” Suero explained. “It was either physical education or foreign languages and I didn’t want to do the the PE course so I embarked upon my journey with foreign languages.”

Suero instantly fell in love with the Spanish language and culture, which she says are two things you can’t separate.

“I was so enamored with learning about other people and how they live and how they think and how they are.”

After high school, Suero lived in Argentina for a year to improve her fluency.

“Argentines, all of Latin American, are just so loving and kind and I couldn’t believe it.”

Today, Suero works as a professor at Troy University.

“I knew I wanted to be a professor essentially since I began my studies at Oklahoma States.”

Suero told TrojanVision that her favorite part about being a professor is seeing how what her students learned has affected their lives.

“The conversations that I have with former students about how Spanish has impacted their life, if you’re a curious person, if you are just open to learning, I think foreign language and culture is for you.”

Suero is also a recipient of Troy University’s Ingalls Award. The Ingalls Award is given annually to the instructor on the Troy campus who has “most diligently, effectively, and cheerfully conducted his or her classes during the current academic year.” Recipients are nominated by students.