American Sign Language Club shows inclusivity during movie night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Imagine the world around you in total or mostly silence. You wouldn’t be able to hear the bell ring for class, hear the voice of your loved ones, or even listen to your favorite music. For many people around the world, that is their reality.

There are different ways individuals hard of hearing can communicate, and one of the most effective is through sign language. However, one of the main issues with sign language is the general public’s lack of knowledge about it.

The TROY American Sign Language Club provides a space where sign language is the norm.

“ASL was my first language, and so that’s super important to me and the deaf Community as well,” said Eric Long, ASL club member. “For the people who are wanting to learn, there’s a lot of benefit.”

Tuesday night the ASL Club was in the Halloween spirit as members watched the suspenseful horror film “A Quiet Place.” While watching the movie, members could munch on a snack of popcorn, candy, cookies and soda.

“We’re just going to have fun watching this movie together and hopefully learn some more signs, hopefully interact together,” said ASL club president, Victoria Cote.

Members of the ASL community told TrojanVision that ASL means more than just being able to communicate. It can also help break down harmful stereotypes that have been bestowed upon those hard of hearing throughout history.

“People way back when used to say people were deaf and dumb because of what deaf people would look like, being as they can’t hear, but everything’s really the same,” Long explained. “Nothing’s different because I can’t hear.”

The ASL Club will have its next meeting on Nov. 9th. Anyone is welcome regardless of their ASL experience.