See how students celebrated this year’s Troyapalooza

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Hot dogs, nachos, bounce houses, and even dance parties! That is what was available during this year’s Troyapalooza.

“We have this every year at the end of October, and it’s a great way for the POPulus to come out and showcase all that they get to do,” UAC member Christy Ann explained.

Troyapalooza had activities such as rock walls, bounce houses, and costume contests for various entertainment.

“I think that people can gain from this event a lot of different things, and just getting outside and doing something different, and not being cooped up in your door room,” Ann said. “It feels so great outside, and it’s fun to just get good food and fried Oreos of course, and do fun activities.”

One main feature of the evening was POPulus, TROY’s popular music ensemble comprised of students in the Music Industry Program.

“Troyapalooza is kind of like a big event that we have here at Troy University,” POPulus member Lexi Brown said. “It’s a place where all the students can bring their family or friends everybody can come together mingle, see what POPulus is really about and also just see what Troy University brings as a whole.”

Troyapalooza was created in 2020 and is a joint event among TROY’s International Arts Center, University Activities Council, College of Education, College of Communication and Fine Arts, School of Music, Academic Affairs, Student Services, International Student Services, Student Government Association, Department of Art and Design.