‘Bring the juice:’ Students urged to attend Battle for the Belt

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — South Hate Week is bringing an increased sense of Trojan Pride to Troy University.

Although TROY plays many teams from across the country, one of its biggest rivals is the University of South Alabama (USA) Jaguars.

According to Director of Athletics Brent Jones, any competition that involves the Jaguars is a major event. Another aspect exciting part of this year’s game is the fact that it will be broadcast on national television.

“Whether it’s checkers, chess, football, cross country, basketball,” Jones explained. “To be able to have it on our campus this year, Thursday night, national TV, Battle for the Belt.”

With national attention comes the desire to fill TROY’s stadium with students and fans.

“They’re [South Alabama] going to have 12 buses of alumni and students coming up here,” Jones said. “We’re going to have we’re trying to break the all-time midweek game record with over 25,000 people here.”

The game being nationally televised also gives TROY the opportunity to show its growth.

“We’re at a trajectory of momentum that most schools do not have in athletic departments and so to be able to put that on the national stage, our fans are going to be rocking,” Jones told TrojanVision. “Our football team’s really, really good. Last year we finished 12 and two, 19th in America.”

As the big game gets closer, Jones had a message to the students of TROY.

“We need you there. Students bring the energy, they bring the juice. There’s a reason you’re strategically seated directly behind the visiting team. That’s the reason why the Sound of the South is right there as well as well as our cheerleaders. They bring the energy, they bring the juice, we need you to come out.”

Director of Athletics Brent Jones

Jones also reminded students about extra incentives that will be offered throughout the game.

“We want our students to stay for four quarters so we have a fireworks show. We’re doing different food items. We have a student tailgate prior to the game.”

The Trojans take on the Jaguars Thursday at 6:30 p.m.