YellowHammer Film Festival puts students’ work on the big screen

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Film making can be a difficult profession and is one that film students say you have to have a passion for.

“I got into a filming film making about a year ago,” student filmmaker Zach Pappanastos said. “I was in a Motion Graphics course just for graphic design because that’s one of my minors and I was helping a buddy with a project. Throughout that one project I really found out that this is something I wanted to do. I kind of shifted my entire at least career path and studies to focus on film making.”

Friday, student filmmakers showcased their work and got critique from industry professionals at the YellowHammer Film Festival.

“It’s free, you do whatever you want, you create whatever you want, you submit it and you get more feedback than you’d ever get in just one class,” Pappanastos explained. “The fact that we have that here like right on campus and we can come and watch and have our work submitted is really phenomenal.”

This year, Pappanastos chose to submit horror film.

“It’s called ‘Paranoia’,” Pappanastos told TrojanVision. “It’s the first film I’ve ever made. The concept is if you’ve ever been at like a friend’s house late at night and you’re watching a scary movie, maybe Halloween season, and then you go you hop in your car ,and you drive home alone and it’s midnight and it’s pitch black and you’re just freaking out.”

For Pappanastos, this was an invaluable opportunity to showcase his work.