Ways to manage (and avoid) conflict

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — We’ve all had to deal with some sort of conflict.

“So conflicts arise basically the same regardless of what context they’re in,” said Mike Gray, a communications professor at Troy University. “Conflict always arises, whenever people have a disagreement over the goals, or a disagreement over how they’re going to achieve those goals, whether it’s between family and friends or co workers and peers.”

The conflicts we face can be challenging to navigate different relationships will have different kinds of conflicts which needs to be solved in different ways.

For example, you wouldn’t solve a conflict with your friend in the same way you’d solve a conflict with, let’s say, your mother.

Lyndsey and Lily Kate Gwin, are mother and daughter. They say they have a long history of dealing with conflicts.

“I think a lot of conflicts come from just come having two strong willed women in one household,” Lilykate said.

The duo actively work on themselves to have fewer conflicts and better conflict management strategies.

“I think we’re definitely better at that,” said Lyndsey Gwin, Lilykate’s Mother. “Saying that like, I’m just gonna go right now and we’re gonna talk about it later.”

Regardless of who your conflict is with, Gray says it’s important to remember the goal is resolution.

“The other person that you’re in conflict or in conflict with is a person,” Gray explained. “The best way to manage conflict, avoid conflict, resolve conflict is to be other centered.”