Students say what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — With Thanksgiving approaching, TrojanVision spoke to students to see what they are thankful for.

Some students are grateful for God and all He has done for them.

“God for blessing me with my family and friends that care and love me,” Audrey Matthews said.

“God waking me up this morning and giving me a chance to be able to serve Him everyday,” Tania Davis said.

“God giving me a healthy life, God giving me a family to support me while I’m here at school and just me being healthy everyday,” said Marcus Friend.

Others are grateful for their loved ones and friends.

“Family, God and just being around everyone,” Marquavion Spivey said.

“Family, friends and KD [Kappa Delta],” Lacie Shelnutt said.

“Family, my new friends through KD and this great school of Troy,” Leah Bales said.

“Opportunity to go home and see my family again over break,” Lelani Fortonaramos said.

Kerrighton Kiel is thankful for his extracurricular activity.

“Basketball team, just the brotherhood that we have just thankful for our guys,” Kiel said. “Everyone being together as a team and you know not being selfish. It’s real brotherhood love my guys.”

Autumn Parrish is grateful for the kindness she has been shown.

“Small acts of kindness by strangers that I probably won’t see again but makes a huge difference and I’ll remember forever nonetheless.”

Takiyah Flynn is grateful to be have chosen her career path.

“I’m just thankful to be here as a Troy University nursing student. My semester has been kind of busy but it has been very rewarding. I’ve met some great people and I know that this is where wants me to be, I’m just thankful to be.”