Anthropology Club holds donation drive for Alabama prison

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University’s Anthropology Club worked to help inmates at Julia Tutwiler Prison stay updated on world affairs.

This week the club held a book and DVD drive. Students were encouraged to donate books and films that will be taken to inmates in the prison.

“They can rent out DVDs and movies and books and things like that, but they are very lacking and a lot of them are torn apart, have pages ripped out of it,” Club Officer Madisen James explained. “They rely really heavily on donations and so people wrapping up with finals and are not needing their books anymore, we were hoping that we could try to scavenge some of them and give them to the prison.”

James said the Anthropology Club thinks it’s important for the women at the prison to be knowledgeable about things that are happening in the world.

“It’s really important that they stay up to date on educational materials and keep their mind sharp if they want to get out because that reincorporation process is just already very difficult on them.”

James hopes the book and DVD drive shows the inmates that there are people who remember them.

“We can give something to these women to let them know that there’s people on the other side that care about them, that want them to have something good in their life.”

The Anthropology Club is not the first time Troy University has worked with the prison.

In 2022 Troy University and Ingram State Technical College began a reading initiative program for the inmates thanks to a grant from the Alabama Humanities Foundation. The University also created and maintained the TROY-Tutwiler Garden Program that provided classes for incarcerated participants and gave them access to healthy food and skills that can be used upon release.

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