Ways you can prevent porch pirating this holiday season

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The official start of the holiday can bring festive fun, memorable moments but also porch pirating.

According to a study by Security.com, package thieves have poached more than eight million dollars worth of merchandise this past year.

“Post-pandemic, everybody’s delivering more so now than they ever were before,” said Troy University Police (TUPD) Chief George Beaudry. “People aren’t shopping as much in the stores. Thieves take advantage of that opportunity, that situation, and they know that packages are being delivered every day in mass volume.”

If you’ve been a victim of porch pirating in Troy you aren’t alone.

“I had ordered something for Halloween like as part of my Halloween costume, it was like a tiara to go with my costume, and it was stolen off my front porch,” said Troy resident Lilykate Gwin.

After discovering she had been porch pirated, Gwin called the police and gave them the only information she had.

“I called the police to let them know that I saw some kids running off and the police went and talked to their parents.”

There are also some proactive measures you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

“If you can, ship on a schedule so that you know the package is going to arrive when you’re at home,” Beaudry suggested. “If not, ship to a workplace. If you have neighbors that, you know, stay-at-home parents, stay-at home workers, ask them to help you out.”

After her package was stolen Gwin bought a security camera to prevent theft.

“We installed a Ring camera right above our door and it lets us know when someone even crosses our front porch and we check it often. We check it every time that we are knowing that we get a package in the mail and it’s been really helpful.”

Although devices like cameras can help, Beaudry said the best thing you can is retrieve your package as soon as it’s delivered.