What you need to know before checking out of your dorm

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Before on-campus housing students head home for winter break, they they will need to check out of their dorm rooms.

“They definitely need to sign up for a checkout time with their RA [resident assistant],” said Assistant Director of Housing Sabrina Foster. “There should be a checkout sign up sheet on each RA’s door and that needs to be done by five p.m. on December the sixth, which is Dead Day. Students will have through Wednesday, December 13th to be checked out of their residence hall.”

Since students will turn in their room key when check out, they need to take all of their important items.

“Any important items they need they do need to take that home,” Foster told TrojanVision. “Students that are graduating, withdrawing, or even have been approved to move to a different room or building, they will have to completely move out.”

Some students may need to stay on campus after the checkout period. If you are one of these students, there are some steps you must take in order to be approved.

“They have to have that department secretary or department head send us an email that has their name included on that list,” Foster explained. “Those students will still check out what their RA, sign paperwork, have their room inspected, but they will keep their room key so that they will have it through the break.”

Foster urged students to make sure they have done everything in the checkout process because if they don’t, they could be penalized.

“Make sure you sign up for a checkout time and make sure you check out properly with the RA because there could be financial fines anywhere from $50 to up to 500 if things are not done correctly.”

Students will be allowed to return to their dorms on Saturday, Jan. 6.