IDEA Bank hosts ‘Start Your Business in Pike County’ workshop

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Tuesday night the Troy University IDEA Bank partnered with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce for the inaugural “Start Your Business” workshop.

The workshop provided information about starting a business and resources that are available in Pike County.

“The SBDC will do a presentation that takes you through the steps to starting your business here locally,” said Lynne George, Director of the IDEA Bank. “We’ve also added vendor tables which feature various businesses in town which serve small business owners.”

Juliana Bolivar with the SBDC explained the steps of starting a small business, and what to do before registering a small business.

“We will go throughout the different stages of compliance, planning, registration in general, making sure new businesses understand how to stay in compliance, register their business, and actually formulize their activities,” Bolivar said.

One key area Bolivar discussed was making sure you have a business rather than just a hobby. She also discussed resources entrepreneurs can use to help register a small business.

“Sometimes people think they are running a business, but they are not fully registered,” Bolivar explained. “Making sure they are educated in this matter and they know the support and resources they have locally.”

Workshop organizers told TrojanVision they hope the community realizes there are local resources to make business ideas into a reality.

“We want to bring a variety of resources together and provide a space for aspiring entrepreneurs to gather, meet each other, and learn about resources that could be beneficial to them,” George said.

“Organizations like the Pike County Chamber and the Idea Bank are here to support individuals and partners in the community, and we hope to see them thrive,” said Ella Beth Kirkland with the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

To learn more about the SBDC and how to start a small business, you can visit