NATO Secretary General visits Lockheed Martin

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Lockheed Martin in Pike County to share how the weapons the company produces aid NATO allies.

Lockheed Martin’s Pike County operations facility tests and manufactures weapons for the United States military. Wednesday, Stoltenberg flew to Alabama to tour the facility.

“Maybe you sometimes believe it’s far from here, in Pike County to the forests in Ukraine, but it’s a very close link what you do here makes a difference there every day,” said Stoltenberg.

Weapons produced at Lockheed Martin get sent to Ukraine to aid in the war against Russia. According to Stoltenberg, that aid is imperative.

“If president Putin wins in Ukraine, it’s not only tragedy for Ukrainians, it’s also dangerous for us,” Stoltenberg explained.

Stoltenberg said the war in Ukraine is an example to other authoritarian leaders, and the outcome sets a precedent for future conflicts.

“The price we have to pay if president Putin wins, is much higher than the price we pay today to help Ukraine fight for their freedom,” Stoltenberg told the crowd. “Today, it’s Ukraine, tomorrow it could Taiwan. So, what happens in Ukraine is closely watched in Beijing, and therefore this goes far beyond Ukraine.”

Stoltenberg said the work done in Pike County provides security across the world.

“It is important for me to tell you what you produce here, what you do here every day is making NATO stronger, and all of us safer and more secure. Weapons produced by Lockheed Martin, by you, has made a huge difference on the battlefield.”