President Joe Biden visits Lockheed Martin facility in Troy.

President Joe Biden visited the Lockheed Martin facility in Troy in support of their efforts in providing Ukraine with Javelin missiles.

President Biden began with a tour of the facility, seeing the Javelin missiles and their production.

He then made an address honoring workers of the facility who have helped the U.S. provide weapon defense to Ukraine.

The Biden administration has provided Ukrainians with weapon systems like the Javelin anti-tank missiles in their defense against the Russian invasion.

The Lockheed Martin facility in Troy has produced more than 50,000 of these missiles in the last 20 years.

“Some of the best most effective weapons in our arsenal ,those javelin missiles like the ones manufactured right here in Pike County,” says Biden. “They’re highly portable. They’re extremely effective against a wide range of armored targets. They can hit targets up to 400 meters away and have a fire and forget capability. That means a person firing can change positions or take cover before that javelin even strikes home it’s a target.”

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