Troy University Theatre and Dance closes out school year with “Illusions”

Troy University’s Department of Theater and Dance closes out their production schedule with “Illusions” a dance performance that uses a variety of dance styles to illustrate the concept of illusion.

“The show itself has a lot of contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, swing type movement to help define illustrate optical illusions,” says Director James Boyd. “Different types of illusions, all of the layers that illusions can possibly have based on how you want to define an illusion.”

Boyd says that the different styles of dance will come together in a show that he hopes will be both entertaining and thought provoking.

“We have seven different worlds or seven different environments with different tempos and speeds in terms of volume and movement qualities,” says Boyd. “So you have pieces that will visually be slower and then you have pieces that are moving fast and then you have pieces that are kind of in between or have both in there and the reason for that is so the audience member is entertained from beginning all the way to end.”

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