TROY Theatre and Dance debuts ‘Into The Woods’

TROY Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University’s Department of Theatre and Dance has been hard at work this semester perfecting the fairytale world of “Into the Woods.”

“The designers have created a world, we’ve been calling it a patchwork world,” said Tori Lee Averett, the Director of “Into the Woods. “You’re going to see pieces and parts that are gathered together to make a really rich texture, something that’s rich and diverse and complex when you really look at it.”

Before rehearsals began, students were researching previous productions to find inspiration for the characters.

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“I came to find that everybody has a which in their life, and I pulled from a lot of witches in my childhood, and Disney movies, and just from different sources in my life both real and fictional,” said Lilykate Gwin, who plays The Witch. “I’ve tried to create someone that I still haven’t decided whether or not she’s really evil.”

The musical aims to take its audience members on a journey where they learn a few life lessons along the way. 

“Into the Woods is definitely based on fairytales and folktales, but it’s relevant now because it’s got thieves of our families and the things that we wish for and what what happens when you get what you wish for,” Averett said. “Does it work out the way you hope or not?” 

“I think there’s a lot of different morals and lessons to be taken from the show,” Gwin told TrojanVision. “It changes every single time.”

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The show is enjoyable for all audiences, even those who may not usually enjoy musicals. 

“It’s really like a musical play that’s a really rich set of stories,” Averett said. “I think that even if you’re not a musical lover, like a musical theater lover, I think you would really like the show.” 

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