Symphony Band performs alongside world-renowned Boston Brass

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Troy University Symphony Band can now boast that it has played alongside an internationally-renowned ensemble.

Friday, the Symphony Band and Boston Brass performed together inside Claudia Crosby Theater. During the concert, audience members heard the group’s new premiere, “Perplexing Times.”

Symphony Band Director Dr. Mark Walker coordinates concerts and decides on special guests.

“He has connections with the Boston Brass, I’m pretty sure they’re friends,” Symphony Band member Laura Phelps said. “So we were able to collaborate with them on the concert and played this piece.”

Musicians say concerts are a great opportunity for students to enjoy music and recognize band members’ hard work.

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“This is all about having fun,” said Boston Brass member Jose Sibaja. “Music is about having a great time time and this is what it was about. You have to come check it out. You have to come be a part of it, and you have have a great opportunity of having an one an incredible band in your campus so make sure you take advantage of it.”

Several Symphony Band members were excited to hear Boston Brass play and perform on the same stage as the group.

“It was just incredible to get to hear the ‘Green Hornet‘ and ‘Caravan,’ which, literally, my friend and I were listening to in the car on the way here,” said symphony band member Theo Thornsby. “It was super awesome to get to hear that in person.”

Concerts also give band members the opportunity to increase not only their music skills, but also their experiences with other skilled musicians.

“I love playing on concerts, just being on stage,” Phelps explained. “I get really nervous and stuff, but I’ve been doing it since I was 11. It was really fun getting to play with such experienced musicians.”

Troy University has many events on campus that students can attend to enjoy music.

“There is so much music going on at TROY, it’s [a] really fantastic opportunity to hear something and do something new.”

Theo Thornsby, Symphony Band Member

The concert marked the end of Boston Brass’ two-day residency at Troy University. During their trip, the group held masterclasses for students.