Student-created band, Guilty Pleasure brings rock and roll to Troy

TROY, Ala (TROJANVISION) — Rock and roll band, Guilty Pleasure, hosted a free house show event for a large crowd.

Guilty Pleasure is a local band made up four Troy University students. Members include lead singer Jack Anderson, guitarist Collis Adcock, drummer Nate Braisted, and bassist Tate Macnicol.

Members of the band say is was their shared love for rock and roll that brought them together and made Guilty Pleasure a reality.

“I joined Guilty Pleasure because I really enjoy music and playing music is just my passion,” Adcock said. “So what better way to do something with my passion than to join a band?”

Guilty Pleasure has been making waves around Troy by playing gigs at several locally-owned restaurants and bars. The band has also been recognized outside the state of Alabama, and has resulted in shows as far away as Jacksonville, Florida.

According to Braisted, Troy offers a large group of people who are just as passionate about music as he is.

During one of its latest house shows, over 70 students gathered to listen to the band’s latest music.

The band posts updates regarding its shows Instagram