International Arts Center holds Valentine’s Day Art workshop

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The International Arts Center (IAC) held a Valentine’s Day art workshop for all members of Troy University to attend.

Tuesday afternoon, the IAC spread love around the University through a Valentine’s Day art workshop.

“We have Valentine’s Day card making and polaroid pictures that you can take,” said IAC assistant Grace Kish. “Students, staff or faculty can come pose with their favorite art work and take home a polaroid. The goal of that is to just have a memento that represents Valentine’s Day love and, of course, some of the art here.”

Students decorated cards for their loved ones, and took Valentine’s Day-themed backgrounds.

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Although Valentine’s Day is known to be a romantic time for couples, the IAC wanted to give everyone a chance to celebrate, no matter if they are single or taken.

“Valentine’s Day to me means just spending time with people in your life you think are special and important to you,” Kish told TrojanVision. “I think with this event just being able to come with your friends and take pictures and do crafts together really embodies that sentiment.”

“Valentine’s Day to me is about showing love to everybody,” said student Logan Henson. “I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I do a lot of Galentine’s events. My parents always send me flowers for Valentine’s Day while I’m away in college, so Valentine’s Day for me is about showing everybody you love them even if it’s not romantic.”

In addition to giving students a holiday-themed event, the IAC hopes students will come back to view the art that’s on display.

“We’re hoping it will bring more people in to look at the art and just bring more people into the space where they can study and relax, at the same time appreciate the work that we have up,” Kish said.

One of the IAC’s next events will be an ARTSPARK event on Saturday, Feb. 24 with guest artist Winfred Hawkins.