IAC welcomes featured artist Winfred Hawkins

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University’s International Arts Center (IAC) held an artist reception last week for its latest featured artist, Winfred Hawkins.

During the reception, guests viewed some of his favorite work. Many of those pieces represent Hawkins’ take on the never-ending freedom found in art, and his hope for people to do the same.

“There are options and there are different ways to look at something,” Hawkins said. “Don’t be afraid to go down a particular path, even though that path may not make sense at the time.”

Hawkins also gave advice to help students find inspiration from their schoolwork.

“Find a way to make your schoolwork something that is also still personal to you, but also do stuff outside of that.”

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IAC Director Carrie Jaxon explained what stuck out the most to her about Hawkins’ art style.

“It’s very propelling. I’ve used that word a lot with his work because it pulls you in, and there is a lot of narrative and a lot of content that’s really impactful.”

One student who attended the artist reception thinks people who don’t know much about art should still give events at the IAC a chance.

“It can be very intimidating for non-artists to come to things like this because they feel like they don’t know what’s going on, but art is for everyone,” said student Naimah Hakeem. “I really just want people to come and enjoy it cause it’s for you guys, too. I’m really happy to be able to come here, especially to come support my professors’ work.”

Hawkins’ exhibit will be on display through April 7.