International students celebrate Lunar New Year

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Tuesday night, cultures combined when the Chinese Student and Scholar Association hosted a lunar new year celebration.

“Tonight is the Chinese New Year or you can call it the Lunar New Year. So all the people from different countries gather here to celebrate with us,” said Director of China Operations Silvia Li.

The celebration is a way for students who are farther away from home to celebrate an important time in their culture.

“The students can not go home for the festival because of they different sessions,” Li explained. “We want to do this for them so they can have a celebration while away from their families.”

From dancing dragons to singing to tasting all kinds of Chinese dishes, not only did Chinese students celebrate, they also shared the experience with non-Chinese students.

“For American and international students this is the chance to know all about Chinese culture and a little about how the Chinese celebrate the new year,” Li told TrojanVision.

The Year of the Dragon is believed to symbolize power, good luck, and success. Beginning Jan. 29, 2025, the new year will transition into the Year of the Snake.

The year of the snake is said to symbolize malevolence and mystery.