TROY prepares to host Southeast Journalism Conference

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — This weekend, journalism students from 24 schools across the Southeast will come to TROY to participate in the Southeast Journalism Conference, also known as SEJC.

“At its core, the mission is to network our young journalists together to give them tools to do their jobs better, and to just create that passion and that fire that what they’re doing is a public service,” said SEJC President Dr. Robbyn Taylor.

The theme for this year’s conference is truth and consequence.

“Understanding the benefit and the price of journalism because we want our students to know what we teach here is public service journalism,” Taylor said. “We really couldn’t exist in a democracy without this flow of information, this ethical flow of information from journalists.”

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Students will also learn about the risks of their chosen profession, as well as the reward.

“While we are doing these wonderful things, and the stories that can create policy change, and can right injustices, it’s also important for journalists to understand the dangers of the profession and how to take care of themselves,” Taylor explained.

By the end of the conference, Taylor hopes to see students demonstrate a passion for journalism.

“My favorite thing about SEJC is watching different sparks go off in the young journalists whether it’s the journalists here at troy or other universities, where they have these ‘aha!’ moments where they’re getting to hear from a journalist who is doing the thing that they really want to do, or they meet another student journalist who’s working on some similar project at their university and they can kind of combine forces, but it’s those moments of yes this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing,” said Taylor. “And this job is important, and I’m going to do it.”

SEJC will begin Friday, Feb 23 and last until Sunday morning. There will be on-site competitions as well as esteemed keynote speakers including CNN correspondent Tom Foreman and state political columnist Kyle Whitmire.