Students travel to Montgomery for Higher Education Day

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Thursday morning students from all of Alabama’s public universities converged in the Capitol City for Higher Education Day.

Gordon Stone, the executive director of the Higher Education Partnership had a few words of encouragement for attendees.

“We want you to have dreams. We want you to be able to reach. We want you to be able to be innovative. We want you to have vision. We want you to have the energy that it takes to make Alabama the best.”

Higher Education Committee member Lucus Parker told TrojanVision he hopes lawmakers remember a college’s impact on students when making new bills.

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“The goal every year is to reach legislators and senators and be able to tell our story about how our university has impacted us, and then we hope that throughout the year during their legislative sessions they remember our stories when they’re making bills about education and about higher education.”

During the event, schools talked with legislative members about the importance of college and showed school spirit.

“Show and represent Troy University to the best of our abilities,” said Vice President of Internal Affairs Elizabeth McMahan. “I think we achieved that goal. We tried to be loud, we definitely they knew that TROY was there. We got to talk and discuss some things with different important people there.”