Local content creator expresses concern about potential TikTok ban

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) —The potential banning of TikTok has some content creators wondering what their future content creating process will look like.

The potential banning of the popular social media app has been making headlines. A proposed bill by lawmakers gives the company that owns TikTok, ByteDance, six months to sell the app to an American company or get removed from app stores.

With lawmakers trying to pass a bill that will ban TikTok from American users, some content creators are nervous about the potential outcome.

One content creator in particular is Troy resident Aaliyiah Rogers. She is a content creator that has 464.2k followers on TikTok.

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“I feel like if you are going to ban TikTok, you should ban all social media platforms. It’s just like another way for people to express themselves and also make money,” Rogers said.

Rogers says the proposed ban bill could affect content creators on a major scale. Their income, networking source, and even their mental state is in jeopardy.

“It was just a way for [us] to escape and to enjoy ourselves. I know for some people that’s still TikTok for them. It’s just a way for them to be themselves,” Rogers explained.

Rogers believes a ban would also affect people who use the app to get their daily entertainment fix.

“I get on TikTok everyday and I scroll everyday. When I get off of work, when I’m ready to relax, TikTok is what I get on to relax,” Rogers said.

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Rogers does not only make social media content for TikTok. She also has a social media following on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

She encourages other content creators to diversify their content on different platforms, so viewers still have a way to find and interact with a creator’s content in case TikTok is taken away.

The proposed TikTok ban bill hasn’t made it to the President’s desk yet. However, earlier this month, President Joe Biden said f lawmakers pass the bill, he will sign it.

However, Vice President, Kamala Harris, recently went on the record saying banning TikTok is not the goal.