English Department hosts Women’s Literature Reading

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — To celebrate Women’s History Month, the Troy University English Department along with Sigma Tau Delta hosted a literature reading.

“We just had people share something by or about women they found interesting or touching or impactful in some way,” said Ben Roberston, a Professor of English.

Many students had the opportunity to share their favorite work by a woman writer. Hailey Alcathie, President-Elect of Sigma Tau Delta, said she is glad there were many in attendance.

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“I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of students that come out and then read something,” Alcathie said. “Oftentimes we’ll have a lot of students come and then they’ll just kind of sit in the background. But there were a lot of students that read something that was important to them and that was really exciting.”

Students shared the works of many writers including Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, and Maya Angelo. Alcathie shared the poem “An Author to Her Book” by Anne Bradstreet.

“This has been a poem I kind of think about on a weekly basis. It’s just so raw and real and it’s got maternal elements. Also, as someone in the English field, portraying those maternal elements on to writing I think is just so cool and so interesting.”

The event provided a way to close out Women’s History Month and celebrate the impacts women have had on the literary world.