Honors Recital returns to Troy after hiatus

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Brass, Reeds, and percussion were all displayed Thursday night during the John M. Long School of Music‘s Honors Recital.

The recital featured eight music majors who were selected through an audition. Musicians showcased works for piano, trumpet, saxophone, oboe, guitar, marimba and clarinet.

Each musician’s performance was also judged by visiting guests.

“We decided to hire three external judges, some are from Florida and other are from different places in Alabama,” said Interim Director of School of Music Dr. Hui- Ting Yang.

Years ago, the Honors Recital was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. One student says he’s glad to have the recital back.

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“This recital was a thing before COVID but ever since COVID it kind of frizzled out,” said Trumpet player Theo Hornsby. “I was very excited to be on the first one back.”

Organizers said the concert’s off campus location helps increase community engagement.

“It’s a great opportunity for to outreach to the community and also introduce the community to our students,” Yang said.

Thursday’s concert also marked one students’ final performance at TROY.

“This is honestly just an amazing experience that I’ve had playing for everybody,” said guitarist Diandra Williams. “I’m a senior, so my time is coming up so it’s just honestly refreshing to get this opportunity to play I’m grateful for it.”

This was the first time the Honors Recital was held off campus at the Johnson Center for the Arts.