Students dance the night away during Red Carpet formal

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — It was a night of dancing and delicacies at the third annual UAC and International Student Services Hollywood Red Carpet Formal.

The purpose of the event was to familiarize international students with what a typical American formal and traditional-style dance is like.

“I hope this give students opportunities to enjoy a formal,” said International Student Advisor Mack Morris. “[It’s] something they maybe not have back in their countries.”

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Students who attended the event got to show off their best moves and take photos. The event was also set up for international students to build connections, network, and make new friends.

“It’s very good for international students,” said international student Haruna Guna. “Coming from different backgrounds, different environments, we have different attire and all of that. Formals give us an insight on how the American formal is.”

The UAC says it plans to host more events like this one in the Fall.