High school delegates learn about government during Boys State

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Recently, Troy University’s campus was full of young men from around Alabama who were learning about government and its role in society.

Alabama Boys State is a program sponsored by the American Legion, which is a veterans organization.

“We’re a leadership program that uses the model of a mock government to teach leadership and citizenship,” said Communications Director Cline Thompson. “We have over 500 students from across the state of Alabama. They’re supposed to be the best and the brightest students, the leaders in their class. SGA presidents and captains of athletic teams and debaters and those who are have shown leadership in their local schools.”

One of the elected student tells us what he believes is the most impactful thing he’s learned.

“Responsibility first thing and first most,” said delegate Sam Cochran, who was elected mayor of his group. “I have to deal with the crisis for my community. I have to install laws, guide my people, lead them around everywhere, tell them everything. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, though.”

During the General Session students from the Federalist and Nationalist parties give campaign speeches for positions in the Supreme Court Court of Criminal Appeals and the court of Civil Appeals. Those speeches are followed by a debate for the position of Governor.

This year’s Boys State session marks the 87th year for the program