Roundabout outside of Troy makes impact on traffic flow

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Months after the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) completed a new roundabout at SR-87 and SR-167, the question remains: has the new feature helped traffic flow?

SR-167 is a main route for beach traffic, and has also been the site of several car crashes, especially at the intersection of SR-87 and SR-167. Back in March, ALDOT opened the roundabout to traffic.

The roundabout, which features an unusual shape, aimed to “reduce serious injury and loss of life crashes as well as traffic congestion,” according to ALDOT.

In a press release from ALDOT, the organization cited information from the Federal Highway Administration that said “roundabouts typically achieve a 35% reduction in all crashes with a 76% reduction in injuries and more than 90% reduction in fatalities.”

Satellite view of the roundabout located at SR-87 and SR-167 south of Troy. Courtesy: Google Maps

Across from the roundabout is a Marathon gas station. Its manager, Michael Brinson, said he has seen major change since the roundabout’s completion.

“There is an increase in slowdown. Before the roundabout was there, we had a big issue with a bunch of congestion right here in front of the store because there’s only the one lane. Since they added in the turning lane and they’re slowing down, now it’s a bit bit better.”

Although Brinson has seen positive impacts, he has also noticed confusion.

“I’ve noticed that people tend to not really know how it works very well.”

That’s why he suggests drivers take extra caution when driving through.

“Slow down. A lot of people coming from the Enterprise direction, they they tend to approach really fast and they don’t hit a slow down until they get right out the roundabout. If they would slow down probably half mile before they think they should, it would probably help out a lot. It’s a figure eight pattern, which is kind of strange for a roundabout, especially how sharply the figure eight goes, but them coming in at high speeds is making it a little bit worse.”

According to ALDOT, the roundabout was able to carry 12,000-15,000 vehicles, per day, during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.