Softball coach Eric Newell holds youth softball camp

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — This summer softball head coach Eric Newell is welcoming young athletes to Trojan Territory.

With students out of school and on summer break, some parents may be looking for activities their kids will enjoy. Each summer, Newell hosts youth camps for kids in the community to work on their softball skills.

“They’re hitting, they’re throwing, they’re playing defense, they’re base running and so we’re trying to hit all aspects of the sport, and certainly have a good time doing it,” Newell explained.

About 50 children signed up for this year’s camp.

“It’s just exciting to get that much love and and have that much fun, and and just really invest in these in these kiddos in the community,” Newell told TrojanVision.

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Campers also meet with current TROY players who walk them through the basics of the sport. Students organizers youth camps can help encourage teamwork, confidence and growth.

“Part of our responsibility is pass information along, pass knowledge along, and build relationships within the community,” Newell said. “Our platform is softball and so we want to spread that platform to to our local community.”

Newell’s camps are not just for younger kids. Later this summer, his staff will hold another camp for teenagers.

“We’re excited that those are kind of identification camps,” Newell explained. “We’re looking for players at that point.”

Summer camps will go all the way through July. For more information about Troy University’s summer camps, click here.