Senior art students debut Spring Thesis inside IAC

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Senior art students may already be gone, but some of their work remains at Troy University in an exhibit inside the International Arts Center (IAC).

Reanna Thompson is no stranger to thrift clothing stores. In fact, thrifting and flipping clothing items is more than just a hobby, it’s her senior thesis.

“I went into a thrift store and tried to find that specific piece of clothing for that project and then I just went home and just started sewing it by hand, doing the patchwork by hand so every piece was done individually.”

Each piece of clothing was eventually transformed into something new, underscoring Thompson’s goal of promoting sustainable shopping and minimizing pollution.

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“If you do something small like just shopping sustainably and making sure that that piece doesn’t end up in a landfill, I feel like it’s easier to bite off small pieces than think of pollution in just one big thing.”

Thompson is just one of several seniors whose work is now on display. Pieces that showcase art, design, fashion, video, and motion show the students’ abilities to produce unique art and concepts. The exhibition also marks the conclusion of the senior thesis exhibition course, a rigorous process that involves students being evaluated by several faculty members, an academic paper and, of course, their exhibits.

“Once they get through it there’s a great feeling of of success and and accomplishment,” said Professor of Art Greg Skaggs. “It’s a tough class but it’s very necessary and and it’s a good class for them.”

The students’ work will remain inside the International Arts Center until Sept. 5.