Alumnus parlays master’s degree into communications job with Georgia Senate

July 17, 2020

At just 22 years old, Emma Johnson is the owner of a master’s degree in communications and a communications career with the Georgia Senate Press Office.

Johnson, a 2020 recipient of the Master of Science in Strategic Communication, began taking TROY classes when she was in high school, thanks to the ACCELERATE dual enrollment program.

She was motivated to learn at TROY by her mother, Cate Gooch-Coolidge, the Enrollment Coordinator at the University’s Brunswick, Georgia, support center.

“She’s been a huge motivator in my decision to further my education through TROY,” Johnson said. “I started taking dual enrollment courses in high school through TROY, then took a few summer classes during my undergrad.”

As a transient student, she took summer classes that helped her graduate a year early from Brenau College.

“Being able to take courses as a transient student greatly assisted in my undergraduate academic experience,” Johnson said. “Not only was I able to graduate a whole year early, but I was able to save a lot of money by starting undergraduate courses in high school. Graduating early helped me get a major step ahead in furthering my career, which has been extremely beneficial as a young woman pursuing a career in communications.”

Emma Johnson

Johnson earned her undergraduate degree in history and political science, making her graduate program essential to her career development.

“With no formal education in this field, my Master of Science in Strategic Communication from TROY has greatly positioned me to work as a communications professional,” she said. “Generally speaking, most employers in this field will require some type of formal public relations education. Having this extra credential not only makes me an optimal candidate for future positions, but it has also given me the knowledge I need to effectively execute strategic communication strategies.”

Johnson became active in the Georgia Senate as an aide for Georgia Senate President Pro Tempore Butch Miller.

“I eventually went on to work as the Policy Coordinator in his Senate office, and just recently transitioned into the Senate Press Office to work in a more communications-focused role,” she said. “The experience has been great. I have fantastic colleagues and I thoroughly enjoy the work I’m doing. I am very thankful for this opportunity.”