TROY graduate launches graphic design company

Kenneth Jenkins, a 2017 TROY graduate, recently launched Twenty4 Studios, a Birmingham-based graphic design company.

Kenneth Jenkins, a 2017 TROY graduate, recently launched Twenty4 Studios, a Birmingham-based graphic design company.

Troy University graduate Kenneth Jenkins has recently launched his own graphic design company, Twenty4 Studios.

Jenkins initially started at TROY as a studio arts major, which focuses on both digital and fine arts.

“When I came to Troy University, I started off as a studio arts major,” Jenkins said. “Eventually, I wanted to get into the more technical side, so I moved into design technology and innovations.”

After graduating in 2017, Jenkins began working for Destin, Florida-based sign company Eloquent Signs as a Senior Graphic Designer.

“I started in January of 2018,” Jenkins said. “A friend of mine lived down in Fort Walton Beach and they informed me about a position that opened within the company.”

It would only be two years before Jenkins would decide to begin his journey in freelance.

“Honestly, just my desire to be able to pick and choose the type of clientele is what encouraged me,” Jenkins said. “It was about finding my niche and things I really enjoy about graphic design and about the arts, and be able to produce that for clients.”

Twenty4 Studios started by offering brand building for smaller, startup businesses before Jenkins began expanding his services.

“I started off doing logos for startups and nonprofits,” Jenkins said. “Then, I started doing things for real estate agents.

“I just started back doing illustrations and have a lot of clients that want to do illustrated-based logos. I’ve also just started gearing back toward the fine arts field.”

The transition into freelance hasn’t been too hard on Jenkins, who has experience in freelance from his previous freelance photography business.

“It’s been a lot smoother than I thought it would be,” Jenkins said. “I think the biggest thing is being on your own schedule. You have to have more structure for yourself.

“The main thing is being responsible and to actually build a schedule and abide by that schedule. You also have to keep finding ways to elevate the business and elevate the structure of the business.”

As for the future of his business, Jenkins is hoping to expand Twenty4 Studios to allow new graduates to try their hand in graphic design without feeling “tied down.”

“That way I can build the brand outside of myself,” Jenkins concluded. “My goal is to have this platform where artists can come on board and be able to get the experience and feel of the workspace, but be able to structure their minds to understand that they can do it by themselves.”

Twenty4 Studios currently offers branding packages, which includes logo designs and branding guidelines.

Those who are interested in Jenkins’ services can email him at or follow Twenty4 Studios on Instagram @twenty4studios.

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