Ten tips for making the most of finals week

December 6, 2016
By Bayleigh Thompson

Coming from a girl who cares about grades like I care about TROY being ranked (Go Trojans), finals week cannot be taken lightly. We’ve made it through the semester and we can smell the pine needles now; it’s time for Christmas break, right? Wrong. Like any Troy Trojan should do, we’re powering through finals week….

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Polls and pundits missed signs pointing to a Trump win

November 14, 2016
By Dr. Michael O. Slobodchikoff

On Nov. 10, a strange site was seen on television screens across the United States.  President-elect Donald Trump was visiting the White House, and was welcomed by current President Barack Obama.  Just three days earlier, President Obama had been on the campaign trail, telling audiences that Donald Trump was not qualified to be president of…

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. . . the Spirit to Soar

November 10, 2016
By Michael Orlofsky

Some of the most enduring lessons of my life I learned at the 50-yard line of a football field. In high school, I played sports for the Boiling Springs (Pa.) Bubblers. That’s right . . . we were the Bubblers—unabashedly, our mascot was a bubble. Our school colors were purple and gold. As I look…

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