Brooks receives Troy University’s Book Token Award

November 19, 2018

Dr. Jeneve Brooks, associate professor of sociology at the Dothan Campus, received Troy University’s Book Token Award for the support she has demonstrated for the University’s libraries.

The recently reinstated award will recognize service to and support of Troy University Libraries, according to Dr. Chris Shaffer, dean of libraries.

Dr. Shaffer presented the award to Brooks and praised her work with library staff and years of support of library events.

“Dr. Brooks and I have worked on quite a few grants together,” Shaffer said. “Dr. Brooks has been incredibly active in collection development, and has helped us improve the collection at the library on the Dothan Campus. She encourages her students to come to library events. Probably the most important thing that she does is to give her students assignments that allows them to use the library in a meaningful way.”

Dr. Brooks, a member of the TROY faculty since 2010, said she was thankful and honored to receive the recognition.

“This is an honor, and I do want to thank the committee for selecting me,” Dr. Brooks said. “I really do think it is important that faculty members recognize the excellent programming that the library is doing under Chris Shaffer’s leadership and the work of the library staff. It is an honor to ask students to attend the events of the library because I know that their minds are going to be expanded. The library has really allowed me to engage in meaningful community-based work, not only to enrich our immediate TROY family but also to enrich our extended community.”

Dr. Brooks’ research interests include peace movement mobilization through protest music, race relations, political psychology and mass media and popular culture. She has organized dialogues on race relations on the Dothan Campus, which have brought together law enforcement, politicians, clergy, activists and community members.

Dr. Brooks also is a co-founder and organizer of the Wiregrass Blues Fest and is a past recipient of the TROY Dothan Faculty Excellence Award and the City of Dothan’s Award for Service and Excellence.