TROY alumnus takes top leadership role in the region for Kappa Alpha Psi

Chauncy Haynes, a 1992 Troy University graduate, is now serving as Province Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi's southern region. (TROY photo/Clif Lusk)

Chauncy Haynes, a 1992 graduate of Troy University, was appointed Province Polemarch of the southern province of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

Haynes received his degree in political science while at TROY and served in the Student Government Association as a senator.

“I’ve always loved politics,” Haynes said. “Typically, most people will say, ‘Oh! Did you go to law school?’

“I didn’t go to law school but whether it was eighth grade, running for SGA president; I always wanted to be involved in government.”

Chauncy Haynes
Chauncy Haynes

Haynes’ recalled his mentor, a city councilman form Pensacola, FL, who he would eventually learn was a member of his fraternity. 

“It’s all gone full circle,” Haynes said. “Not just being a Kappa, but in my day-to-day life.

“I deal with politics every day,” he said.

Haynes was initiated into the Theta Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi in the spring of 1989. He decided to pledge because of his family, including his two brothers who are also Kappas. 

Despite his siblings’ brotherhood, Haynes’ mother encouraged him to go to TROY to find his own path.

“I knew I wanted to be a Kappa,” Haynes said. “I bonded very well with the Kappas that were on the yard and I wanted to be a part of that amazing group.”

Haynes’ time at TROY was driven by community service, a trait inspired by his mother that he’s had since childhood.

While at TROY, Haynes became Junior Province Vice Polemarch, the highest elected undergraduate position.

Haynes has also served on the alumni board for his region, was Senior Province Vice Polemarch for six years and recently stepped down from his position as Grand Chapter Nominating Committee Chairman. 

Now as Province Polemarch of one of 12 provinces, Haynes serves the Alabama, Florida, Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Dominican Republic members.

“I am very humbled by the opportunity to serve the members,” Haynes said. “I want everyone to hear about them; all over the world about what we’re doing here in the southern province. 

“That’s what Kappas are about. To look at those young men and see how we can help those young men, it excites me every day.”

While serving as Province Polemarch, Haynes wants to uplift the southern province’s foundation. He has a half a million-dollar goal on his list that he wants to use to provide scholarships to younger members. He also wants to invest in technology initiatives and community projects.

When he’s not fulfilling his new duties as Province Polemarch, Haynes says he’s busy being a proud husband, father and grandfather, while also running a political consulting firm, Haynes Consulting, where he manages political campaigns.