Coleman Center receives $10,000 STEAM grant from Wiregrass RC&D

June 26, 2020

Troy University’s Coleman Center for Early Learning and Family Enrichment has received a $10,000 grant from Wiregrass Resource Conservation and Development to provide learning materials.

The grant provides for the purchase of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) supplies, which are already being used in the classrooms.

“It’s setting a foundation for future success in all content areas, and not only future success, but interest,” said Nancy Mitta, Director of the Coleman Center, which is located at the University’s Dothan Campus. “It’s about having fun through learning. It’s the perfect foundation.”

WRC&D board member Doug Sinquefield said his organization looks for any opportunity to help services such as the Coleman Center.

“When you see something like this — teaching kids about STEAM — it’s just part of what we love to see,” he said. “The funding that we can get from our state and federal government, we move it right out into these areas.”

Sinquefield recently toured the Coleman Center during a stop by congressional candidate and local businessman Jeff Coleman.

“It swells my heart to see something like this,” he said. “The kids are interested and they’re wanting to learn. Things like this are developing them for their future.”

Mitta credited the contributions of agencies like WRC&D with Coleman Center’s continued success.

“If we didn’t have the funding, we would not have the resources we have and that every child needs,” she said. “This equipment is instrumental in the quality of our program and in educating these young minds.”