Future Trojans forge bonds during IMPACT sessions

Incoming freshmen have the chance to register for classes, tour the Troy Campus and meet professors during IMPACT.

Incoming freshmen have the chance to register for classes, tour the Troy Campus and meet professors during IMPACT.

Thousands of incoming Troy University freshmen are learning the ropes at TROY’s annual IMPACT new student orientation this summer.

For many, the bonds they forge during IMPACT will carry through to their first semester at the University.

“It’s been so much fun,” said Makayla Furr, a Highland Home High School graduate. “I’ve met so many people, and I’m glad that a lot of them are going to be in my classes. I’ve just made a really good bond with the people here.”

Some students, Montevallo High School graduate Michaela Martin, already established some of those bonds before IMPACT.

“I was a drum major in high school, so came down here for the drum major camp, and that really clicked for me,” said Martin, who will be joining the Sound of the South. “I felt super welcomed.”

Enterprise High School’s Fred Polidore finished his IMPACT session with a bright outlook on the student body.

“It’s a really good place to be, and there’s a lot of diversity on campus,” said Polidore, who will major in sociology. “I think it’s a really good school to go to if you like the one-on-one learning relationships with teachers.”

The idea of forming one-on-one relationships with teachers and fellow students appeals to Spanish Fort High School graduate Connor Floyd, who plans to major in business with a concentration in marketing.

“It’s not too big for me – TROY feels like a tight-knit, close group of people,” said Floyd, who chose TROY based on that factor as well as its proximity to his home. “It isn’t too far away. I wanted to get away from home, but not too far from Spanish Fort. At IMPACT, I’ve really gotten to know the campus better, and I love it. It’s so beautiful.”

In addition to touring campus, scheduling their first semesters and meeting with fellow students, IMPACT attendees get to meet the people who will guide them through their college careers.

“All the teachers I’ve met are super sweet, offering their help, and that’s really good, because I’m going to need some help,” said Furr, who will pursue nursing with the goal of working as a pediatric oncologist.

Four IMPACT sessions remain this summer.