Girls State to return to Troy University in summer of 2022

American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program will return to the Troy Campus in June 2022.

American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program will return to the Troy Campus in June 2022.

Alabama Girls State will be returning to Troy University in 2022 for the first time since 2012.

A mission of the American Legion Auxiliary, the program provides the opportunity for students to participate in a hands-on citizenship training program that spans nearly 80 years in Alabama.

The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program, open to high school junior girls, seeks to develop leadership and pride in American citizens, educate citizens about the system of government and instill an understanding of American traditions.

“Troy University and Girls State share the mission of developing and equipping the next generation of leaders for our state, nation and world,” said Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor. “Girls State stresses the ideals of patriotism and good, engaged citizenship – values that are at the very heart of TROY – and, we are pleased to once again host these students on our campus in 2022.”

Girls State will convene on the Troy Campus June 5-10, where delegates will organize cities, vote on officials, develop and pass legislation and hear from the state’s real-life elected officials.

“American Legion Auxiliary Girls State is excited to be coming back to Troy University’s campus. Troy University has completed extensive upgrades and renovations and we look forward to experiencing everything TROY has to offer,” said Lee Sellers, Girls State Director in Alabama. “Dr Hawkins and his first-rate staff bent over backwards to accommodate the American Legion Auxiliary’s Alabama Girls State program, and we’re happy to be back.”

Barbara Patterson, TROY’s Director of Student Involvement, believes TROY is the perfect fit to host the program.

“Troy University reflects the values of patriotism and citizenship on which Girls State is based,” Patterson said. “The program and the University are both committed to helping prepare students to move forward into leadership roles to better serve their communities. We look forward to hosting them on campus next summer.”

In addition to Girls State, Troy University will also host Alabama Boys State, presented by the American Legion, May 28-June 4, 2022 on the Troy Campus.