Hoover Residents Sue and Lewis Rushing donate $1.5 Million to Troy University

Sue and Lewis Rushing of Hoover, Ala., stand in front of Rushing Hall, the Troy University residence hall which has been renamed in their honor.

Sue and Lewis Rushing of Hoover, Ala., stand in front of Rushing Hall, the Troy University residence hall which has been renamed in their honor.

Troy University’s New Hall, the residence hall which opened in 2015 at the Troy Campus, will have a new name thanks to a $1.5 million donation from alumni Sue and Lewis Rushing.

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously in May to rename the residence hall Rushing Hall in honor of the alumni couple, who are both 1965 graduates. Rushing Hall will be officially dedicated and the Rushings will be honored during a ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 1, at the first home football game of the season against Boise State.

The Rushings said they are proud to be a part of TROY’s continued growth and to leave behind a legacy that will benefit future generations of students.

Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., called Sue and Lewis Rushing a “special couple” whose generosity will have a positive impact on many students.

“The Rushings have been enormously generous to the University, and it’s simply because they love this place,” Hawkins said. “They want to be a part of it, and they want to help students in the future. It’s wonderful to get them re-involved and I think they will be a permanent part of the family.”

A view of the New Hall dorm at night.
A view of Rushing Hall, formerly New Hall, at night.

Rushing Hall is Troy University’s newest state-of-the-art residence hall, featuring 280 single-bed suites, 68 double occupancy suites and 12 handicapped suites on four floors totaling 118,754 square feet. In addition to the residential rooms, Rushing Hall includes 1,400 square feet of common areas, 2,600 square feet of safe space that double as class and meeting rooms, a convenience store, technology areas, laundry areas and study rooms.

“It has been such a pleasure getting to know Sue and Lewis Rushing,”said Becky Watson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Development. “Both of them are loyal and dedicated TROY alumni, who value and credit their educational experience at TROY to their success in their respective careers in education and business. Their transformational gift is a wonderful testament to their love of Troy University and to the enhancement of the on-campus experience of our students. We are truly grateful to them for their continuing friendship, support and generosity.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Rushing really set the example for us all,” said Walter D. Givhan, Senior Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Economic Development. “They’ve been highly successful and now look for an opportunity to give back to the University and the students it serves. They are visionary alumni who are helping us create a bright future for those who follow them at TROY.”